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We developed Solution Neuroscience out of our desire to make a difference in people’s lives. We have two products that do this. 

Ofactor uses findings in social neuroscience, many discovered in my lab, to measure and improve organizations’ cultures.  We call this neuromanagement. Culture, as my colleague Peter Drucker recognized, is a competitive advantage businesses can use to engage colleagues and retain them over the long term.  Ofactor measures the eight factors that create a high-trust, high-performance organization. It also provides leaders with clear guidance to improve their cultures. High trust cultures are more productive, innovative, and profitable. Colleagues who work in high trust organizations express joy at work, are healthier, and are more satisfied with their lives outside of work.  Culture matters.  Ofactor is the way to measure and improve it. 

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ZESTx Labs quantifies the neurologic impact of consumer experiences.  We pioneered the use of multiple measures of brain activity while consumers shop, view advertisements, interact with products, use social media, and receive coupons. We call this consumer neuroscience. Our proprietary neurologic engagement measure ZEST predicts the sales bump from marketing exposure with very high accuracy.  We measure brain activity multiple ways in order to identify how to optimize consumer experiences from soup to nuts. Our clients include agencies of the U.S. government, start-ups, Fortune 50 companies and nonprofits.   

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