Paul J. ZAK

High-Impact Scientist, Author, Public Speaker.

Paul has been on a quest to understand the neuroscience of human connection, human happiness, and effective teamwork. His academic lab and companies he has started develop and deploy neuroscience technologies to solve real problems faced by real people.​

Immersion offers a framework for transforming nearly any situation from ordinary to extraordinary. Based on 20 years of neuroscience research from his lab and innumerable client applications, Dr. Paul J. Zak explains why brains crave the extraordinary. Clear instructions and examples show readers exactly how to create amazing experiences for customers, prospects, employees, audiences, and learners.

Paul’s group uses neuroscience to quantify the impact of movies, advertising, stories, and consumer experiences. Along the way, he has helped start several transdisciplinary fields, including neuroeconomics, neuromanagement, and neuromarketing

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Professor of Economics, Psychology and Management at Claremont Graduate University

In the top 0.3% of the most cited scientists

Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania

Started four technology companies including the first Neuroscience as a Service (NaaS) platform Immersion Neuroscience

Given talks in 30 countries.


Recent talks at NATO Supreme Head Quarters Google, Facebook, Harvard University, Microsoft, Association for Talent Development, World Experience Organization, ING Bank, Finsbury, HSM

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